Mobile Homes


€ 50.00 /night

  • Capacity 4 adults + 2 children
  • 90-120m2
  • 24m2
  • Camper Service (a 100mt)


A super combination of comfort whilst enjoying the freedom of camping life,to experience the camping feeling with your family.


Each mobile home (24 sqm) can host 2 to 6 people. They are composed by a double bedroom, a twin beddedroom, a fully equipped kitchen with extractable dinette (1 or 2 beds), bathroom with shower/WC.

Is not provided with bedlinen and kitchen- and bath towels. No pets allowed


The price of the accommodation includes: water, gas, electricity, one parking place and the number of people shown in the chart. The prices do not include the Local tax. Local Tax: €1 each person (age≥14) for the first 10 days of stay.


Bassa Stagione
19/04 - 06/0725/08 - 03/10
Media Stagione
06/07 - 20/07
Alta Stagione
20/07 - 25/08


  • [Incl. 2 Persone]


  • [Incl. 2 Persone]


  • [Incl. 2 Persone]
Service Price
  • Aggiuntivo
Bambino [2-12]
  • Aggiuntivo
Piazzola Disabilitata
  • Solo Bassa Stagione
Fuori Piazzola
  • In Auto, Barca, Tendina, Carrello...
  • Previo Autorizzazione


  1. Management authorisation and legal registration is compulsory to access the camping site.
  2. The prices exhibited at the reception for the stay at the camping site are valid from arrival to 11.00 a.m. of the following day.
  3. To take possession of your tent or caravan pitch you must be authorised by the management.
  4. You can leave vehicles only in the places indicated by the management.
  5. Silence is essential from 11.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m.; limit the noise during the day.
  6. Guests must take care of their belongings; the management declines all responsibilities for any theft or damage except for the objects that have been left in custody with regular receipt.
  7. The vehicles inside the tourist complex must not exceed the speed of 5 km/h.
  8. You must respect the vegetation, the hygiene and the cleanliness of the site.
  9. Pets1 entrance must be pre-authorized by the Management.
  10. Under the authorisation of the management you can connect to the proper sockets (4 A) which must be earthen, european plugs are necessary (One connection per site.).
  11. In case of authorised visits2, they are subject to the price list.
  12. After consideration by the management, the non-observance of these rules or a behaviour that ruins the harmonious atmosphere of the camping site may result in expulsion as an unwelcome guest.

1 Pets are admitted only to specific Camping areas, (Pitch Relax) Sanitary condition certificate is compulsory to welcome dog in the campsite.They must be kept always on a leash. Guests may not take animals onto the beach, on the lake area (Pitch Panorama, Aqva) into the playground, and all public areas , they must be taken outside the campsite for their physical needs(take with you scoop and bags).Owners must ensure respect of sanitary rules and are personally responsible for any damage caused by their dogs.

2 Any visitors must report to Reception and leave a document of identification to the Staff before they are permitted to enter the Camping.Visitors may stay at the Camping for a maximum of half an hour, after which they will be charged for the daily Camping rate. Pets are not permitted.Visiting times: from 8am to 9pm.

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Mobile Homes

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