Terms and Conditions Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes — reservation and cancellation conditions 2024


RESERVATION REQUEST: we accept reservations for a minimum stay of seven nights in July and August and for a minimum stay of three nights in May, June and September. Booking is nominal. Each family must send their request with their first and last name. Booking two or more pitches with the same first and last name is not allowed. After the request is sent, the booking office will inform you on how to confirm the reservation, if accommodation is available. If your request cannot be met and you have selected the “flexible date” option, you may receive alternative solutions.


DEPOSIT: a 40% deposit of the cost of the stay is required to confirm the reservation. The reservation is confirmed if the deposit is paid on time. Otherwise, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. You will receive confirmation by e-mail, once payment is received.


ACCOMMODATION PRICE INCLUDES: water, gas, electricity, air conditioning if applicable, Wi-Fi, one parking space. The price does not include the tourist tax, which amounts to € 1.50 per head for persons aged 14 and over for the first 10 days.


PRICE QUOTE: All prices on this website can vary on a daily basis, depending on availability and number of days until arrival date. The booking office will send you the final price. The price quote is based on the data you provide. We are not responsible for your errors and omissions. The quote price is guaranteed for the period of stay, type of pitch and number of persons indicated.  Any additional persons and days of stay, if applicable, will be charged according to the effective rates at the time of the stay.


MOBILE HOME NUMBER: for organisational reasons you can not book a specific number, specific location and / or two or more neighbouring mobile homes. Only the type of accommodation can be booked. Therefore, even if you indicate your preferences, the booking office may not always be able to meet them. The assigned number will only be communicated upon arrival at the campsite and cannot be changed.


CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT: check-in from 3 p.m. until 7p.m. A € 50 deposit is required upon arrival. The reservation is valid until 7 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you are late, you must inform the reception, otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. You must leave your mobile home by 10 a.m.


FINAL CLEANING:  Guests are obliged to leave the accommodation unit in the same condition they found it, with a clean kitchen and bathroom, free of personal items, food, rubbish, etc.  A final cleaning service at the cost of € {{HIGH_EXTRA_MH_CLEAN}} is charged to the guest.  The return of the mobile home is expected by 10 a.m. If the final check of the accommodation unit reveals any damages, these will be charged to the guest.


EQUIPMENT: all accommodations are equipped with pots, tableware, blankets and pillows. Kitchen towels, cleaning cloths and products, rubbish bags and toilet paper are not provided. Equipment must be used with care. Any damaged, broken or missing items will be charged to the guests.


LINEN RENTAL: bed linen and towels can be hired by prior arrangement. Linen change service is not provided.


PETS: pets are not allowed in the accommodation.


PAYMENT: the full reservation amount must be paid on the day of arrival, even if the stay is shortened or interrupted for any reason. The campsite has the right to re-allocate the accommodation once it is vacated.


CHANGES BEFORE ARRIVAL: if applicable, you can change the period of stay / type of accommodation up to 15 days before the expected arrival date. Changes may be accepted if compatible with the booking organisation. The cost of the stay will be updated to the rates effective at the time of the change.

The request must be sent by e-mail with the subject: “[Resv<reservation_number>] Change <dates / people>”.

You will receive an e-mail from the booking office informing you about the following:

  1. a) confirmation of availability / variation accepted: the deposit that you pay for this reservation will be valid upon confirmation of the new reservation and will be updated according to the effective prices at the time of the variation request.
  2. b) no availability / variation not accepted / the deposit paid exceeds the new quote: the booking is cancelled and the same rules apply as a cancellation. See section “CANCELLATION”.


VARIATIONS DURING THE CAMPSITE STAY (days of stay / number of persons / change of accommodation type): If applicable, you can extend the period of your stay. Additional days at the time of booking will be charged according to the effective prices at the time of the change request. Any additional persons to the number of people confirmed in the reservation will be charged according to the effective prices at the time of the change request. If the stay is shortened or interrupted for any reason, you will not be refunded.


CANCELLATION must be communicated via e-mail only. If you cancel your booking up to one month before your arrival date, we will refund the deposit after subtracting € 10 of expenses. If you cancel less than one month and up to two weeks before the arrival date, we will refund the deposit with a 12-month-valid voucher. If you cancel less than two weeks before the arrival date, you will not be refunded.