This is an unique area, rich in experiences to be discovered

You can choose an itinerary to discover the food & drink richness of this area, or visit ancient castles and villages, enjoy the extraordinary music and arts events organized all over this area, visit forts of the First World War.

Worth a visit


  •  Arte Sella is an international exhibition of contemporary art, which takes place in open air fields, in the woods of Sella Valley
  • The forts of the  First World War overlooking the lakes, these areas were the border between the Reign of Italy and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire
  • The Caves of  Castello Tesino, which develop for about 400 meters with stalactites and stalagmites, with thousands of colors and shapes
  • Castel Pergine The castle built in 1.200  hosts various exhibitions of contemporary art and cultural and music events
  • The ancient Mineral park in Calceranica, you can visit the first part of Leyla gallery and the near museum
  • Weekly Markets in the villages,  with traditional food, clothes or souvenirs
  • Il Castello del Buonconsiglio is the most important castle in Trentino, residence of the Prince Bishops and symbol of the city of Trento.
  • MUSE The Science Museum in Trento is a  fantastic itinerary between nature and science is perfect for families
  • Venice: Don’t miss a day trip to Venice taking the Valsugana Train

Cities of Trento, Rovereto and Verona are easy to reach, even by using public transports, and they are perfect for a day dedicated to culture and shopping. Don’t miss a day trip to Venice taking the Valsugana Train.